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Tony Roulstone was member of acumen7 network from 2005 until 2018 - see at
acumen7 is a network of senior executives, all experts in their fields, with extensive experience between them of managing companies and making things happen. Their careers cover industries from aerospace to logistics, from construction to recruitment; from manufacturing to financial services… there are not many situations that, between them, they have not had to deal with.

They have brought their skills and experience together so that they can offer the sort of solutions that all companies need from time to time. Delivering these solutions may involve just one Member of the network or a broader team; whatever is required to meet the needs of each commission. There is no corporate infrastructure or fixed costs so as a client you only pay for the resources specifically required by you.

Each Member is known and recommended with confidence by the others in the network. They recognise that what is good for their client is good for them, both individually and as Members of the network.

  • acumen7 - Nuclear Development Group

    The nuclear renaissance is being driven forward in many countries around the world by the twin challenges of Climate Change of Energy Security.
    In the UK it is likely the plan is to build a dozen large power reactors during the next 15 years, but this is proving difficult, largely for reasons of cost and funding. Our aim to find ways of addressing these issues. Tony Roulstone is Chairman of the Nuclear Development Group..


    Nuclear Development Group’s approach has four parts:
    ·          Head-Hunting
    – using its experience in infrastructure head-hunting and knowledge of the nuclear industry to assist the development and deployment of the best and most experienced resources to the program of new build which is planned over the next 15 years.
    ·          Program Governance
    – using the extensive experience of members in major infrastructure development together with specific nuclear expertise to assist the formation of program structures that both learn the lessons of the past and ensure success.
    ·          Nuclear Engineering
    – Fifteen years after the completion of the last nuclear power station in the UK, the nuclear industry must undergo massive development and change to be able to respond to the scale of investment planned
    .·          Supply Chain Development– Though new reactors will be purchased from abroad – either AREVA or Westinghouse each having global suppliers for their most important nuclear components – the new build program is seminal opportunity for suppliers both to win major shares of the local content of new reactors, and to build capability for the world-wide developments that are being considered by many countries.  


    - In 2007, as the Government was considering how to re-start nuclear new build in the UK after many years of moratorium, Nuclear Development Group made proposals to what is now DECC about scale, pace and structures that would be required  to address their policy objectives. 
    Establish a local presence
    - Nuclear engineering company planning to invest in the UK required advice on the problems they would face in establishing a presence and building the necessary capability in the UK. Nuclear development group made a rapid diagnostic assessment and provide advice and specific guidance in support of the nuclear engineer’s strategy.
    Head Hunting
    - Nuclear Development Group undertook a comprehensive assessment of the capability of engineering management as part of a search for the leader of major new entrant to the UK nuclear industry.
    Licensing of the new design of reactor is essential both to comply with UK safety regulation and generate confidence in the general public that safety will be remain central at a time of massive change. Nuclear Development Group provided rapid and effective assessment of an existing licensing program, giving advice and made recommendation for improvements and development.