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Nuclear Adviser

A nuclear engineering company concerned at loss of a key nuclear contracts sought a rapid assessment of what had gone wrong and how the situation could be remedied so that future work would not be hazarded.

In series of interviews over two weeks the significant issues were identified and improvements identified so that the relationship with the engineering companies client could be re-built.
Further recommendations and plans addressed deeper structural matters to ensure that this type of problem could not re-occur.

Re-building Nuclear Industry Capability

The prospect for the UK nuclear industry is positive, but 15 years after the last civil nuclear power station was constructed, it capability, resources and facilities have been severely eroded. Led a working group of senior directors with experience of construction on the measures to be taken to re-build the core capabiliites which are required to make successful the anticipated programme of new reactor construction.

Proposals address:
o Programme and Consortium Governance
o Supply Chain skills and quality standards
o Strengthening management by finding the best managers for key roles and bringing new blood into the industry
o Education and training of new staff: engineers, technicians and tradesmen

Development of an European-wide Business Transformation Programme

A major IT services was seeking to make a step change in business performance by:

  • Focusing on more profitable sales segments;
  • Streamlining operations both to reduce cost and to deliver improved margins from its current business.

Worked with the Chief Executive and his senior team, developed and built the case for the Transformation programme covering all of the major business functions and operations. This included the case for large investments and the tracking and delivery of business benefits. This programme was approved and is being delivered.

Leading Outsourcing Sales

Led a team over a period of 6 months, to win a multi-billion € global IT outsourcing and transformation competition covering 14 countries and 70,000 users in a major European engineering company. Negotiated the commercial arrangements that formed the essence of the contract.

Improving Failing Projects

During 2006 and 2007 brought in to  lead reviews of a large sensitive government IT programme that was not delivering and whose costs were escalating in an alarming manner. Quickly assessed the situation and identified the root causes, enabling strategic guidance to be given how to return the programme to health.

Restructuring an Industry Sector

The main contributors to a section of UK engineering industry important to Defence had been discussing restructuring for many years, but with little result, because they could not identify the tangible benefits of change. Working for one of these companies, assessed the strategy of each participant and the business opportunities that could be released by restructuring. Developed the strategy for consolidating the industry.

Management of  a Large Programme

Working with a large engineering service company, made proposals for and won a long-term contract for managing a multi-billion pound Government IT contract.

Established and led the programme management services team, putting in place the team and market leading processes and practices.

Private Equity Adviser

I was brought in to assess a medium sized aerospace components manufacturer that was seeking to restructure it finances and release money for the founders.

A strategic assessment of the market opportunities and an overview of the manufacturing operations allowed a new business and investment strategy to be developed as basis for re-financing the business.


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